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Acne Cream Tabita Skin Care uses the herbal extract as its main ingredient. The formula  in acne cream of Tabita Skin Care will solve acne. This cream works fast, effectively, and safely for skin. It does not have stimulation reaction and absorption. Acne cream of Tabita can be absorbed quickly and its permeability is high. This product can cure acne and repair rough skin slowly formed by acne scars and make your facial skin free of acne and soft.

Don’t be doubtful and afraid to use the Anti-Acne Cream from Tabita Skin Care since this Anti Acne Cream will help you to remove the acne completely.

Just apply the Facial Soap of Tabita, Smooth… Continue reading

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Unfortunately, there are many fake Tabita creams with a price of Tabita products that is not reasonable. It is used by certain people just to get profit by harming other people. We are here to give the price that is really competitive with the guarantee of originality from our Tabita products.

ORIGINAL VS FAKE TABITA SKIN CARE It is recommended to be careful when purchasing the products. Buy the products of Tabita Skin Care in a place that you can trust; don’t be tempted by a very low price on

Characteristics of ORIGINAL Tabita Skin Care:

  • On the logo, the writing Tabita and its picture of flower is embossed and united, “NOT STICKER”.
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Smooth lotion Pembersih dan penyegar kulit muka dan leher dapat mengurangkan dan seterusnya menghilangkan jerawat dan menjadikan kulit kusam kembali bersih, putih dan berseri. Smooth Lotion berfungsi sebagai pembersih lanjutan bagi kulit anda. Setelah kekotoran yang terdapat pada permukaan kulit anda dibersihkan dengan facial soap, smooth lotion membersihkan sisa kotoran yang telah tersimpan sekian lama di bawah permukaan kulit anda. Seperti yang diketahui, kotoran lama yang tersimpan di bawah kulit amat sulit untuk dibersihkan. Namun dengan smooth lotion TABITA, ia mampu untuk membersihkan segala kotoran dan mengecilkan pori (pores) di wajah.

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Eye cream merupakan krim mata yang mempu mebersihkan dan mengencangkan kulit disekitar mata anda. Yang tadinya terlihat kerutan-kerutan atau kantong mata yang timbul di sekitar mata anda, dengan menggunakan Eye Cream Tabita Skin Care, anda akan mendapatkan hasil yang memuaskan. Kulit disekitar mata anda akan tampak lebih bersih dan tidak timbul lagi kerutan atau kantong mata. Pastinya anda akan terlihat lebih muda dan fresh. Continue reading
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