gold serum tabita skincare

gold serum tabita skincare

Additional Products from GOLD SERUM TABITA SKIN CARE is the serum with higher formula over other facial creams; this cream is made of pure Vitamin E with the nutrition of Vitamin E that is important for facial skin. It makes your facial skin more elastic and tight.

Besides the additional nutrition for facial skin, gold tabita serum, some formula particles will give the following benefits:

  • Gold Particle: it has the function to repair the skin cells, so it can give tighter, brighter, and softer skin.
  • Vitamin C: as the anti-oxidant, to prevent the free radicals affected by environment, like sunlight, dirt with a negative effect on skin, such as accelerating aging process.
  • Vitamin E: as the nutrition for skin and anti-oxidant to make it soft, fresh, and moist.
  • Collagen: to reduce the wrinkles of skin, stimulate cell regeneration, normalize the oil concentration, minimise the skin pores.
  • A-HA: it is believed to support the cell replacement process and remove the upper skin cell layer that is not healthy, so it can brighten the skin.

Gold Serum of Tabita Skin Care can be used at afternoon or night. The treatment can be done until four times in a week.

How to use Tabita Skin Care serum:

  • Use it when you are not at the outdoor.
  • Wash your face with soap, and then rinse it until clean.
  • Then, dry it with towel.
  • Then, drop the serum on your palm adequately.
  • Apply it evenly until the neck, let it absorb until 2-3 hours, then rinse it with soap again.

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