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Facial soap Tabita Skin Care is the liquid soap to clean face and neck from sticking dirt and tighten our facial skin. Facial Soap of Tabita skin care is used to clean your skin from the sticking dirt. It has papaya extract, so you will your skin bright from time to time. If it is stored in the place with low temperature, this facial soap will form fiber, like pieces or clods of papaya. It is caused by the natural ingredient of soap.

smooth lotion tabita skin care

Tabita Skin Care smooth lotion, cleanser and refresher for facial skin and neck reduce and remove acne and make dull skin clean, white, and bright. Smooth Lotion has the function as the advanced cleanser for your skin. After the dirt on your skin surface is cleaned with facial soap, smooth lotion cleans the residue under your skin surface. As we know, the old residue under the skin is really hard to be cleaned. But, with smooth lotion of TABITA, it can clean all dirt and reduce the pores on face.

Eye Cream Tabita Skin Care

Eye cream Tabita Skin Care is the product to clean and tighten the skin around your eyes. It will solve and reduce the wrinkles or eyelids around your eyes,. With Eye Cream of Tabita Skin Care, you will get a satisfying result. Skin around your eye will be cleaner and there are no wrinkles or eyelids anymore. Of course, your will look young and fresh.

Then, what are other advantages of Eye Cream from Tabita?

The eye treatment products from Tabita Skin Care is the moisturiser to brighten and tighten area around eye. This eye cream is enriched with anti-aging formula for the area around they eye. The texture is almost like a blue… Continue reading

special cream tabita skincare

Special Cream Tabita Skin Care is the advanced cream as the replacement for night cream when you use basic treatment package for at least three months. You will feel that your skin will be really flawless and clean. This cream is enriched with Vitamin E for anti-aging solution and antioxidants. With this cream, your cream will be free of the premature aging (wrinkle) and bright. Use it twice a week as the replacement of night cream. For women above 35 years old, it can be used as a cream to tighten the skin, anti-aging solution, to maintain moisture and elasticity of facial skin.

Composition of Special Cream from Tabita Skin Care: Olive Oil, peg 8, Beer… Continue reading

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